a Sin That Hurt You

Is there a sin that hurt you!?

And you wish to leave it before you die??

It’s here close to you…put your head on it…and prostrate…

And make your veins which are mixed with Arrogance and disobedience taste the flavor of

groveling and submission…

And make your eyes which have cried many times, to cry this time for your Hereafter…let it wash your sin…

Come closer to your Creator… and send your soul there to touch the Life,,

And make your heart…tell you it’s secret and complains of your pain…

Admitt your love for his Paradise,,,and your fear from his Fire,,,and your longing for meeting him,,,

And confess to him:

that you love him, say it right from your heart::

I love you my lord…

I love you…

And your love made my soul embrace the sky…

Oh Lord.. Oh love…

The night have came,,,

and every lover is alone with his/her love,,,

and here I’m alone with you and my tears complains my weakness to you,,,

and myself is escaping with my guilt,,,

and my shoulders have perished from my great misdeed,,,

and my sins have mixed with my blood, pain,,,

my hesitancy overpowered me and my words are lost and came prostrating to you,,,

and my ribs are crouched from fearing you,,,

and everything that belong to me have left me and held on to you,,,

My God…My Creator…My Lord

I have cried and no one heard my crying,,,

and I have hurt and no one felt my pain but you,,,

Oh who is more compassionate to me then my self, take me into your great sympathy, and do not forbid your ease in my grave because of my ignorance and my bad deeds…

Oh Allaah forbid the Hellfire for a body which is filled with fear of you and yearning for you,,,

and do not abandon me…when you show me what was preceded of my injustice and crime…

I’m perished by your honor and if you do not forgive me,,,,

Glory to you with which face I should meet you,,,,

with which feet i stand between your hands….!!!

with which tongue I speak to you…!!!

with which eye do I look at you…!!!

Glory to you

Glory to you…!!!

(by muslimah @Qassim Region – Saudi Arabia, Ghaadah at-Tameemee)

Jazakom Allaah khair all : )

If you like it please publishe it and let the people benefit from it.

I have translated it for the sake of Allaah and I want nothing but duaa for me.

Assalaam alaikum.


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